Achieve Your Corporate, Social, and Environmental Goals

Olofson Environmental, Inc. provides a variety of services tailored to meet our clients’ needs efficiently and professionally. We specialize in permit acquisition and compliance, plant and wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration, and ecological research.

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Project Management

Olofson Environmental, Inc. has extensive experience managing sensitive and complex environmental projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. We recognize the importance of early coordination with regulators, stakeholders, and funders to identify and resolve potential issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Sometimes minor modifications to a project design or schedule can result in an improved project and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in permitting delays and public relations problems. We are adept at contracting and coordinating the work of multiple public and private entities to provide project development and construction on time and within budget.


Sensitive Species Surveys and Monitoring

Olofson Environmental, Inc. offers a variety of biological services including protocol-level species surveys, habitat assessments, pre-construction surveys, and biological construction monitoring.

We are pleased to offer Section 10(a)(1)(A) services for Alameda whipsnake, San Francisco garter snake, California tiger salamander—Central DPS, and California Ridgway's rail. Additionally, we are authorized in the form of a CDFW Memorandum of Understanding for all species, as well as California black rail.


Environmental Assessment

Olofson Environmental, Inc. takes pride in its capacity to provide practical solutions for our clients by achieving a balance between public opinion, economic constraints, regulatory requirements, and environmental concerns. We employ a multi-disciplinary team of scientific and technical professionals to develop solutions that are feasible, efficient, and responsive to our clients’ needs.

The staff at OEI has a broad range of experience in ecological data collection, field studies, endangered species monitoring, and environmental assessments. By combining the technical and scientific expertise of OEI’s staff, we are able to direct and support our client’s decision-making processes with sound scientific data.


Here Are Some of the Environmental Assessment Services We Provide:

  • California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM)
  • Aquatic Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Habitat Evaluations and Mapping
  • Terrestrial Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Endangered Species Monitoring
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Sediment Analysis (physical, chemical, biological)

Compliance and Permitting

With over a decade of environmental compliance and permitting experience, Olofson Environmental, Inc. has built strong relationships with regulatory agencies and key technical staff. We understand that accuracy, utilizing the latest scientific methods and knowledge of the most current federal and state regulations, is paramount to the successful outcomes for our clients and subsequent project approval. Our scientific experts utilize an integrated approach to environmental compliance and work diligently to develop sound decision-making tools for their clients.

Listed below are some of the environmental compliance and permitting services OEI provides:

  • CWA Section 404 Permitting (Wetland Fill)
  • CWA Section 401 Water Quality Certification (NPDES, Discharge Permits)
  • California Water Code, Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, Waste Discharge Requirements
  • Californian Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Analysis and Compliance, including Environmental Impact Report preparation
  • Compliance Monitoring Programs
  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment

Ecological Restoration and Monitoring

Olofson Environmental, Inc. combines science and technology to offer our clients site-specific solutions to ecosystem restorations. We have a team of professionals capable of integrating all aspects of restoration planning - from site selection and habitat evaluations through project design, permitting, construction, and monitoring. By coordinating with stakeholders and local community groups, we develop approaches that maximize the social and environmental benefits of ecosystem restoration projects.

Listed below are some of the ecosystem restoration services OEI provides:

  • Marsh and Estuary Restoration
  • Restoration Monitoring
  • Site Selection
  • Stream Restoration

GIS Mapping and Analysis

Olofson Environmental, Inc. provides an extensive range of geographic information system (GIS) services, particularly in-field mapping and data management. We offer our clients a large array of GIS outputs used in the preparation of environmental documents or as stand-alone graphics. In addition to on-site GPS data collection, we offer remote sensing and analysis services. Our technical team obtains practical outputs from remotely sensed data, including land cover classifications and time-series information.

Listed below are some of the technical services OEI provides:

  • GIS Mapping
  • Aerial Mapping of Plants and Animals
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Remote Sensing and Analysis

Ecological Research

Olofson Environmental, Inc. works with our clients to help refine research objectives, programs, and methods and endeavors to complete research projects methodically and efficiently. Our staff is attentive to every aspect of research projects and takes pride in presenting our clients with accurate, comprehensive findings that suit our clients’ needs.